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Top 10 Electric Mobility Solutions Companies in Europe – 2022

The European electric mobility market is growing at an incredible rate, with over 2 million electric vehicle sales in the first quarter of 2022. This expansion is mostly owing to favorable government policies and laws, increased environmental concerns, and Europe's growing adoption of electric mobility (e-mobility). Climate change is expediting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility.

The Europe EV market is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44.6% between 2022 and 2029. This market is expected to grow from US$147.56 billion in 2022 to US$1,951.51 billion in 2029. The increasing usage of self-driving vehicles and the expanding trend of shared mobility all provide profitable growth potential for this market.

This issue of Auto Tech Outlook features the ‘Top 10 Electric Mobility Solutions Providers in Europe - 2022’ which highlights some of the key developments in the e-mobility sector throughout Europe.

It showcases companies like Scame, a manufacturer of adaptable and innovative charging components and systems for electric vehicles. As Europe moves more toward the use of EVs and e-mobility, the necessity for charging stations across the continent becomes a major concern, and companies like Scame are contributing to the EV revolution with their charging components.

Sacha Porges, Global Director, Customer Quality & Programs, GKN Automotive, and Mark Sutton, VP Engineering APAC, Adient, also contribute to the publication. They each discuss how replacing traditional technology with AR wearables might reduce the extent of errors in driving EVs and how autonomous mobility as an industry has enormous growth potential.

Write to us about how the e-mobility revolution in Europe has affected the functioning of your organizations!   

    Top Electric Mobility Solutions Companies in Europe

  • Manufacturer of versatile and advanced charging components and systems for electric vehicles


  • Battrion


    With an aligned graphite© technology, Battrion holds firm expertise in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, fast-charging, and graphite anodes to facilitate fast-charging EV batteries

  • Charge Amps

    Charge Amps

    Charge Amps creates smart charging solutions for electric vehicles through Swedish innovation and sustainable design, with the aim of making smart charging easy. The firm specialises in electric vehicle charging, green technology, and software development

  • chargecloud


    With an experienced and independent team of e-mobility specialists, ChargeCloud helps successfully operate charging infrastructure, manage charging stations in real time, bill charging processes, and allow customers to experience electromobility throughout Europe

  • ChargeUp


    Proffering leading solutions in electric vehicle charging, ChargeUp facilitates an enhanced design, projection, delivery, and installation of top-notch charging stations, back-end systems for their management, and applications for end-users

  • Compleo Charging Solutions

    Compleo Charging Solutions

    Established in 2018, Compleo Charging Solutions favours cutting-edge solutions in electric vehicle charging, low emissions, the automotive market, fuel cost options, mobility, EV charging, EV infrastructure, and electric vehicles

  • EVBox


    With 12+ years of experience, EVBox is a leading electric mobility solution provider with enhanced expertise in electric vehicle charging, charging infrastructure, e-mobility, cleantech, sustainability, and zero-emission



    Specialising in solar inverters and mobility systems, FIMER is one of the world's leading inverter suppliers, offering a comprehensive solar solutions portfolio across all applications, strengthened by its bold and agile approach, which sees it consistently invest in R&D

  • GEM motors

    GEM motors

    By providing e-drive solutions, GEM Motors shapes the future of light electric mobility with advanced, high-quality, reliable, and smart electric drive solutions with superior performance that will increase the attractiveness of using electric vehicles in regular urban transportation

  • Wallbox


    Wallbox creates advanced electric vehicle charging systems and energy management systems combining innovative technology with excellent design to manage the communication between vehicle, grid, building, and charger, and offers a complete portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, semi-public, and public use

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